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Our Student Officers

Security Council

Screenshot 2022-09-04 at 10.49.08 AM.png

Head Chair: Dylan Chamberlin

Cindy Toh- SC, Deputy Chair.png

Deputy Chair: Cindy Toh

Kaden Chan.jpg

Assistant Deputy Chair: Kaden Chan

UN High Commissioner for Refugees

Jessica Kim HRC.HEIC

Head Chair: Jessica Kim

Navya Saluja.jpg

Deputy Chair: Navya Saluja

Krisha Mehta.png

Assistant Deputy Chair: Krisha Mehta

UN Women

Avni Varshney.JPG

Head Chair: Avni Varshney

yoonseo cho_chemun.jpeg

Deputy Chair: Yoonseo Cho

Gayatri Dhir UN Women.jpg

Assistant Deputy Chair: Gayatri Dhir

Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space

Zara Burney.heic

Head Chair: Zara Burney

Aaron Brest.jpg

Deputy Chair: Aaron Brest

Rachel Lee Deputy Chair.jpeg

Assistant Deputy Chair: Rachel Lee

International Criminal Court

Renee Phan.JPG

Head Chair: Renee Phan

Rohan Agrawal.png

Deputy Chair: Rohan Agrawal 

Historical Security Council

Arushee Tirunagari.PNG

Head Chair: Arushee Tirunagari

Timothy Kim.heic

Deputy Chair: Timothy Kim

Vyjayanti Vasudevan.jpg

Assistant Deputy Chair: Vyjayanti Vasudevan

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