Meet The Team


Secretary General: Coco Daly-Hill
Coco Daly-Hill is a senior at Singapore American School. She has participated in MUN for 6 years, and this will be her second year with the SAS MUN program. Every year she strives to not only solve world problems through fruitful debate but also enjoy the experience while helping those around her. She is amazed by the sheer determination and grit of all the delegates who persevere and debate even when it becomes increasingly difficult. This year, she is delighted to serve as the SASMUN V Secretary General and hopes to build upon each delegate's unique strengths to provide a versatile and rewarding conference, giving them an opportunity to learn and grow. Outside of MUN, she is a Theatre Tech Club officer, loves playing her guitar or drums, and hanging out with friends. She looks forward to a fruitful conference!


Deputy Secretary General: Benjamin Cheong
Benjamin Cheong is a junior at Singapore American School. For the past 4 years, Ben has been a vocal delegate in MUN, collaborating on resolutions with other delegates and continuously pushing his country’s agenda to be met. Ben is especially passionate about how the economics of countries drive certain policy decisions in global politics. He is also an avid debater who can spend hours discussing opinions on controversial topics with his friends. Ben is excited for the oppotunity to serve as one of your SASMUN Deputy Secretary-Generals, in particular regarding communications. Outside of MUN, he enjoys reading the latest nonfiction bestseller, hiking in the flora and fauna of Singapore’s rainforests, and playing Le Cygne by Camille Saint-Saens on his cello. Ben is eager to see delegates debate and discuss the topics, and looks forward to a fruitful conference.


Deputy Secretary General: Aashna Parikh
Aashna Parikh is a junior at Singapore American School and has been an active member of the MUN program over the past three years. Through participating in a range of conferences as a delegate, chair, and advocate, Aashna has developed a fond appreciation of MUN’s collaborative environment, emphasis on public speaking and argumentation, and welcoming community. She is looking forward to serving as one of your Deputy Secretary-Generals for SASMUN V, and will be focusing primarily on the event management aspect of the conference. Outside of MUN, you can find Aashna participating in debate competitions, swimming, serving on the Student Government, and curating extensive Spotify playlists. She is eager to see delegates step out of their comfort zone and take away invaluable lessons in MUN from their respective committees, and wishes all delegates a productive and enjoyable conference.


Deputy Secretary General: E-Jun Bae
E-Jun Bae is a junior at Singapore American School. Over the past two years in MUN, he has attended and actively participated in several conferences, working to provide solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues. E-Jun’s favorite part of MUN is interacting and debating with students from all over the world because it helps him broaden his understanding of current events and politics. He is both grateful and excited for the opportunity to serve as one of SASMUN V’s deputy secretary generals, with a primary focus on general committees. Outside of MUN, you can find E-Jun listening to musical works by his favorite classical composers, including Claude Debussy and Pyotr Illyich Tchaikovsky. He hopes for not only a fruitful, but also a vegetable-full debate, and looks forward to seeing what the delegates have to offer!


Deputy Secretary General: Teddy Alexander
Teddy Alexander is a junior at the Singapore American School. He has been a diligent member of the MUN program for 4 years. He has attended an ample amount of conferences, typically as a delegate in Security Council (his favorite committee). In his first SASMUN conference, he won Best Advocate in ICC, one of the best MUN moments in his career. To him, a successful conference is made up of two components: finding solutions by debating and meeting new people. He is fascinated by the political side of MUN and greatly enjoys debating. He is honored to serve as one of your Deputy Secretary-Generals this year in SASMUN V and will be primarily responsible for creating an enjoyable experience for all delegates in the Special Council Committees! Outside of MUN, you can find Teddy playing basketball, teaching Cambodian kids English, playing GeoGuessr, and going to Shake Shack with his friends! Teddy truly looks forward to a smooth and worthwhile conference and is keen to see delegates' creativity with regard to finalizing a resolution.