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Meet The SASMUN VI Secretariat Team

Navya Secretary-General

Screenshot 2023-05-29 at 9.08.41 AM.png

Navya Saluja is a senior at the Singapore American School. Having been a part of the MUN program for all four years of her high school career, Navya has been able to discover her passion for debating, public speaking, and international relations. Despite only having taken part in a mere five conferences, Navya is immensely grateful for the connections she made, the invaluable lessons she took away, and the topics she discussed. Outside of MUN, you could see Navya serving as the chief Yearbook editor, riding a horse, or eating at some unnecessarily expensive restaurant. While her MUN journey will undoubtedly extend to her time in college and beyond, she is impassioned to conclude her MUN chapter with SAS by serving as this year’s Secretary General. She hopes all delegates will take on the role of embodying a United Nations member with genuine compassion, and leave the conference with a lingering interest in the topics they debated. Overall, she looks forward to both an enriching and productive conference! 

Hasan Deputy Secretary General 


Hasan Belgaumi is a junior at Singapore American School. He has been involved in MUN for three years, and this will be his second SASMUN conference. He has attended conferences both in and outside of Singapore, and had the opportunity to help lead the Middle School MUN program here at SAS. He has always had a passion for international relations, global politics, modern history and geography. He will be focusing mainly on the communication aspect of the conference. To Hasan, a successful conference is one where the real processes that take place in the UN are emulated, yet also able to have fun. Outside of MUN, you can find Hasan learning about history, teaching Cambodian kids English, and playing geography games online. He is both honored and excited to serve as one of your Deputy Secretary General for SASMUN VI, and hopes the conference can become a fond memory for delegates to look back on.

Gayatri Deputy Secretary General 

Gayatri Dhir UN Women.jpg

Gayatri Dhir, a junior at Singapore American School, is excited to be your Deputy Secretary General of Special Committees for SASMUN VI! Since she started MUN in 7th grade, she immediately found a passion for debate and international affairs. Ever since, she’s become a big MUN nerd, and loves meeting new people, discussing complex global issues, and trying out unique committee rooms in each conference. Outside of MUN, she loves competitive debate, updating her Goodreads, and eating frozen yogurt with her friends. She hopes for a wonderful and productive conference, and wishes that all delegates learn a lot!

Siddhant Deputy Secretary General 

Screenshot 2023-05-29 at 2.18.53 PM.png

Siddhant Gupta, or Sid, is a junior at Singapore American School. He has participated in Model United Nations for just more than two years and loves being able to hear diverse global perspectives and debate about current issues. Sid loves keeping up with modern affairs and thinks a lot about how these problems can be solved, which is one of the reasons he does MUN. This is also why Sid will be focusing mainly on organizing general committees for SASMUN VI. He knows that delegates coming to SASMUN are expecting a high-quality conference and he will play his part in making sure that it runs as smoothly as possible. Outside of MUN, you can find Sid working on a robot, playing tennis or basketball with friends, or listening to some music. He can't wait to encourage delegates to dive into engaging discussions, find creative solutions, and have a blast making unforgettable memories at this conference!

Rachel  Deputy Secretary General

Screenshot 2023-05-29 at 9.07.24 AM.png

Rachel Lee is a junior at Singapore American School and has been an proactive member of the SAS MUN community over the past four years. Through participating in a range of conferences as a delegate and chair as well as schoolwide MUN programs, Rachel has developed a great passion towards learning about global issues, public speaking, and teaching. She is looking forward to serving as one of SASMUN VI’s Deputy Secretariats and will be largely be working on event management for the upcoming conference. Aside from all things MUN, Rachel does lots of art, plays the piano, and coaches Taekwondo. She greatly anticipates all the delegates’ enthusiasm, learning, and productivity at SASMUN VI.

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