Meet The Team


Secretary General: Coco Daly-Hill
Haardik Chopra is a senior at Singapore American School. For three years he has been with the MUN program, and every year the delegate’s passion to not only solve world problems and debate, but also to enjoy the discussions has amazed him. Moreover, he was amazed by the determination and grit of all the delegates to continue debating even when it was becoming increasingly difficult. He is excited to build upon these strengths to provide a versatile and rewarding conference for everyone, giving them an opportunity to learn and grow. Outside of MUN, you can find him as part of the photography club at SAS, coding, or just reading a book. He looks forward to a fruitful conference!  

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Deputy Secretary General: Rahul Razdan
Rahul Razdan is currently a junior at the Singapore American School. He has been an avid member of the team since joining 3 years ago. He has attended numerous conferences as a delegate, judge, and chair. He also was the secretary general of a conference this past year. Rahul thoroughly enjoys the debate and politics side of MUN. He loves discussing global issues and forming resolutions with other member nations to solve the world's biggest problems. He is extremely excited to have the opportunity to serve as SASMUN IV’s deputy secretary general with a primary focus on event planning and management. Outside of MUN, you can find Rahul building robots, testing rockets, spending the night looking over the markets and trading, or building legos!  He is very excited for this conference and can not wait to see what the delegates have to offer!


Deputy Secretary General: Gaurav Goel
Gaurav Goel is a sophomore at the Singapore American School, and this is his 4th year being involved in MUN. He greatly appreciates the activity’s ability to bring people together and push people out of their comfort zone in public speaking. Gaurav was first exposed to the MUN program in seventh grade when his old school started a MUN program for the first time, and he has greatly improved in his MUN skills since, both in the understanding of the procedure but also in his impromptu speaking ability. During the SASMUN III conference, Gaurav will be serving as one of your many deputy secretary-generals for the first time, and he looks forward to seeing the variety of solutions the delegates may come up with before and during debate in order to overcome conflicting interests to create a compromise. Gaurav views himself as a global citizen because of the involvement he takes in politics and world issues. He has enjoyed participating in several debate competitions over the past few months and also reads the news regularly. Gaurav is extremely excited for the opportunity to oversee the conference and meet all the delegates.

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Deputy Secretary General: Avi Kabra
Avi Kabra is currently a junior at Singapore American School. Over the past three years in Model UN, he has been an active part of many conferences and committees as a constructive delegate. During conferences, Avi enjoys collaborating with other delegates to reach a resolution on some of the world’s most pressing topics. He is excited to have an opportunity to serve as a SASMUN IV Deputy SG and will primarily focus on the publicity elements of this conference. Outside of MUN, you can find Avi playing basketball, playing the guitar, debating, and hanging out with friends. He is eager to see what all delegates will bring to the table and hopes to see many new resolutions reached amicably over the course of the conference.


Deputy Secretary General: Renee Phan
Renee Phan is currently a junior at Singapore American School. Over the past three years in Model UN, she has attended various conferences as a delegate, student officer, and advocate. Renee especially loves meeting new people, learning their stories, communicating with them diplomatically, and expanding her knowledge on pressing world issues during conferences. She is incredibly excited to serve as one of your Deputy Secretary-Generals this year in SASMUN IV and will primarily focus on curating a well-rounded and enjoyable experience for delegates in the special council committees! Outside of MUN, you can find Renee giving back to the community as a part of the Executive Service Council, playing a round of golf, recording an episode for her podcast, dreaming about flying planes, and exploring Singapore with friends. She looks forward to a fruitful conference and is eager to see delegates maximize their potential in their respective committees.