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Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges

September 2023

What SASMUN VI is all about

SASMUN VI offers a one-of-a-kind experience to give delegates a strong grasp on nuanced topics. SASMUN VI will be held in-person at Singapore American School on Sep 30th, 2023. Delegates will work together to build bridges and break barriers amidst global issues. With crises being faced across the globe in 2023, it is up the delegates to break barriers and build bridges to create a future where no problem can't be solved.

Our Theme: Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges

Within the context of 2023, the theme “Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges'' characterizes the world’s shift towards a more interconnected and technologically advanced society. The invisible walls dividing us, be it social, cultural, economic, or political, are ever-prevelant in 2023. Breaking barriers refers to dismantling these invisible walls and fostering a climate of inclusivity and equity, ensuring that every individual has an equal opportunity to thrive and contribute. Building bridges becomes increasingly imperative as we grapple with multifaceted challenges such as climate change, geopolitical conflicts, and global health crises. By encouraging international cooperation and harnessing the benefits of advancements in artificial intelligence, we can tackle issues collectively, drawing upon both the resources, and experiences of nations around the world. After much deliberation, the SASMUN VI Secretariat came to consensus that this theme encapsulates 2023. We hope that all attendees of this year’s iteration of SASMUN will consider the global shifts we are facing when drafting resolutions to break barriers, and build bridges. 

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